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Injured Cyborg Tattoos

Adult Tattoos

Are you looking to spice things up with your partner? Want something different? You might want to try changing your look a little with our line of adult tattoos.

Consider ordering our personalized message tattoos with your lover's name on them. We can add any text to your sheet of tattoos. Use these for a sensual whole-body-scavenger-hunt ("Chris: Start Here", "Keep going", etc.). Only limited to your kinky imagination. (Email for details.)

These tattoos are custom designed and made exclusively for us. You won't find them in any store.

Prefect for Valentine's Day or an anniversary surprise!

Sorry, leopard skin patterns currently out of stock. Check back soon.

NOTE: These tattoos are NOT recommended to be applied directly to or within two inches of genetalia.

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$9.95 - Per single sheet
Free shipping in the US!
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American Express, Discover
or PayPal
International Orders
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$9.95 - Per single sheet of cyborg tattoos
$6.95 - Shipping

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Injured Cyborg Tattoos
Injured Cyborg Tattoos
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