Five-Minute Halloween Costumes

Female Terminator Costume

First Get Dressed; Then Apply the Two-Minute Terminator

Don't know what to be this year? You want to look good but don't have the time or the sewing skills for an all-out costume. We've got you covered!

You've probably already got everything you need to wear in your closet. You just need our Cyborg Tattoos.

Total Time

3 min. Costume: Dress in your own jeans, a cool T-shirt, and maybe a leather jacket (always seems that cyborgs like leather jackets)
2 min. Apply the Injured Cyborg Tattoos to your face and other exposed skin
5 min. later... You're done and you look great!


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Recycle a Costume

Steampunk ZombieMaybe last year you were a Steampunk Cutie, Little Red Riding Hood, a Police Officer, or Spiderman.  So why not be Steampunk Zombie,  Zombie Red Riding Hood, Zombie Cop, Zombie Spidey... you get the drift.  Our Zombie Temporary Tattoos are quick & easy.

If you want to go FULL Zombie, that's just as easy to do.  Drag some old clothes through the mud and you're about ready to go.  Our temporary zombie tattoos add just the right amount of realism.  Each sheet features:

  • Exposed brains
  • Cheek gash with exposed teeth inside
  • Worms crawling out the skin
  • Zombie bite marks
  • Torn flesh
  • A few realistic spiders
  • See them now!

You can spice these special effects up too with some additional makeup and fake blood.  We definitely recommend doing dark circles around your eyes and doing a base over your whole face to give yourself that deathly look.  We recommend putting our tattoos on first on clean skin.  Then apply any additional makeup.  Don't use any rubbing alcohol until you're ready to remove the tattoos.

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